Friday, 31 May 2013


Today I have learn how to tell my Time on Math Whizz. There's are little picture of the time that I did today and I am on stage 4. I am in Terrific Triangles.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Catholic School's Day

On Catholic School’s Day we had mass in the morning with St Joseph’s School There was lots of people After mass it was lunchtime, so we sat with St Joseph’s and we had lunch together. When the bell rang we went to find a friend from St Joseph’s to play with. Me and Stephanie found a friend to play with we walked around the school and played some games, soon the bell rang again.

Room 3 went into the hall for a concert. First up was room 7, then other classes showed their talents. Soon room 3 showed their talents, we did the cup song. While St Joseph left St Pius sang a song to them. It was a fun day and it was a really sunny day on Catholic Schools Day.  

The thing that I enjoyed doing the most was finding a friend to play with and showing our cup song to the school’s.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Maths Reflection

This year I have learnt in math my time tables. I find time tables hard to learn but I gave it a try and was not to hard to learn. I find time tables fun to learn and it helps me in my work.

On Maths Whizz  there's lots of new things that you can learn, one of the thing's I learn on math Whizz is my time tables.

In Addition and Subtraction I am on Stage 4.

Friday, 17 May 2013

About Water

My pencil

Pencils are sharp and long, also pointy. Pencils are easy to write with and they are so much fun to write with a pencil. Some pencils are colourful and some pencils are not. Some are thin and made out of wood with lead inside them.

You can draw, shade, write and colour with a pencil also you  need to hold them then you can write with a pencil.
I see pencils at school, shops and at home and there’s lots of places that you can see a pencil.

What makes a pencil special is that when you do a mistake you can rub it out.

Some pencils are hard and so are not so hard. Some people like to use hard pencils some do not like to use hard pencils.

The only bad thing is that you can break your leads in the pencil if you tap your pencil on the table.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

NZ sign Language Awareness

This week is NZ sign Language Awareness week. Today Room 3
learnt to their name in NZ  Sign Language. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Mother

About my mother, She always  loves me as much I love her. My mum always be there when I am sick or having a bad time and she always makes me happy and makes the day wonderful for us.

She is a very kind person to me and Va\s us out on friday nights and she has lots of good friends. She does not like dogs because they are so noisey that she can not sleep, but she does like puppies because they are cute. She have long brown hair and sometimes my friend say she looks pretty too and she is tall.

What makes her special is being a kind mum and always be there for me and Vanessa  when we are sick or sad and having a hard time.