Monday, 9 December 2013

Peru Presentation

Here is the Peru Inquiry group presenting their findings.  Also the presentation that they used during their oral presentation and the rubic marking sheet for their group.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Netbook Reflection

This year I have learnt how to use a netbook in class. The things that I learnt this year is that we use netbook instead of using a book and pencil. I enjoy using a netbook because you can do lots of stuff on it.

This year Miss G told us how to share our work with our groups. This is how you share it….. you need to create a  google presentation then you have to name it. You go to a place that says share, click on it then you write your friend's email address then you click ok and they will get it in their Drive.

Also this year Miss G made a letter for our parents asking when our mother or father us to take our netbook home. I only take my netbook home on Monday and Thursday. We can show our mothers or fathers our work when we take our netbooks home.

Monday, 2 December 2013

tree house

Book Review:
Title: The Tree Hut Treaty.
Author: Wiremu  Grace
Illustrator: Bruce Potter

uncle pita
the book was about they were trying to build a treehouse up in the tree.

Jake keep on changing thing with out asking Manaia soon Manaia came out and said the tree house is not big enough.
So Manaia and Jake said let invited our friends to help us mum and said good Idea
so their friend came and help at last the tree house looked awesome.
Your opinion of the story:
I like the story because it is used in different languages and also it tells you what you need to make a tree house.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story

Cultural day

On Friday, after morning tea Rm7 and Rm6 went to room3. We had to stand in a line with our groups. The first group to tell their information about their country was Peru, then it goes Argentina, Brazil and then Colombia. While we were presenting to the Senior Syndicate we were all nervous. Soon we were finished so the minute that we finished we were so happy because we do not have to do it again. When room 3 had finished telling their information about their country we all had to sit down. Miss G said to room6 that they can go back to class first.

Miss G took us to rm6,when we got to room 6 we got a paper each also we had a pencil. When we were all queit then they start talking about their country that they have been working on.Peru had to make the first group and the group was called India also they had lot of information about India. When they had finished talking about India we had to mark what point they should get, I mostly marked 5, and 4 also 3.  
Soon it was lunch time so Miss G told us to get our lunch. When we had  got out lunch Miss G gave out the balls so we could play with it. I played with Annalise and Rosalina just walking around the school.

When lunch time had finished Miss G opened the classroom door and said to go and sit on the mat then us what we had to do. We changed into our clothes. When everyone had got themselves sorted Miss G went outside with us and lined up. We went over to the hall because we had to show our dance that we had been leaning in the classroom.

When we came back to class we all had to go and get changed in to our school uniform again and sit down on the mat, soon it was home time.

On Friday I felt hot and nervous but it still was a fun day. I enjoyed marking Rm6 and 7’s work because it is fun to mark their work and see how much points to give them for their country research.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Typing test,

At the begging of the year I got 19 and the second time that I did my test a got 32 an.d now I get 46 I am very happy because it is my high score.

Comparing Communion of Saints.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Communion of Saints

Saint Patrick

Film Festival

On a wonderful morning when I got to school I went and hung my bag up and I went outside to play with my friends. Soon the bell rang so everyone went to the hall and we were all sat and said our school prayer. Soon Mrs Deeney took room3 down to the bus.  

When we were all seated on the bus the driver started to drive us all to Sylvia Park. On our way to Sylvia Park we saw lot of houses. While we were on the bus me and Petra were playing I dare you.

Soon we got to Sylvia Park and we got off the bus and lined up in two lines. When we were ready Mrs Deeney took us in. Soon we got in a room and it was very dark because the lights were turned off. We saw lot of kids sitting in the chairs and so we had to find a seat to sit on before the movie started.

Soon Alecia and Patrick were first up and they introduced the movie that room3 had made. Before our movie started everyone started clapping.

When the show had finished we all went outside and we saw the next school was waiting outside of the door. We got into the bus and on the way back to school we saw lots of people  in their cars. Soon we got back to school and we had morning tea only for 10 minute before we went back to class and we had our milk then we did our work. It was a hot day on Wednesday afternoon.

My favourite part of the movie was Glen Innes Primary because it was about chocolate. I like that movie because it was funny.

Monday, 11 November 2013


My mum inspire me because she cares about me and Vanessa. Also she has been trying to raise money for us. Also me and Vanessa really love her. 

She has been trying her best to give us a really good home and family. I know that life has been hard for her when I was a baby, so me and Vanessa are trying our best to behave really good at school and home. 

The reason that I chose my mum is because she will always be at my side and she is encouraging me in my learning.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt 5

On one wonderful morning Holly’s mum said to Holly your hair is getting to long I will take you to the hair cut shop when you have finish eating your breakfast ok Holly. Holly said yes mum
so when Holly had finish eating her breakfast we went and got change into her clothes then Mum said are ready holly ? holly shouted yes mum just wait a second ok.

Soon they all got to the hair cut shop when they got in a man came and said hi how can I help you?’’ mum said may you please cut my daughters hair because it to long’’ then the man said how short will you want it? ‘’mum said you can it when like you just a can tie it up then the man said ok then.

So the man start cutting Hollys hair while he was cutting Hollys hair soon  holly looked down on the floor she looked very sad because her friends at school have long hair now she don’t have long hair so holly looked so sad all the way home.

Soon the man had finish cutting hollys hair he said I just need to get the blower to make her hair dry then it is all done so the man went and got the blower to dry Holly’s hair when he brought it out  mum said what is that he said it is a blower why a so worry about that mum said that does not look like a blower but the man said it is a blower then mum said ok then keep on going when the man turned on the blower it made a loud noise  mum looked very worried about that when he had finish holly went to her mum .

Soon after all it was not so bad hollys hair was nice and short and clean also Hollys hair was smooth.

When holly got home she was so happy because her mum brought her something on the way home so Holly was not so sad after all.

The End

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

prompt practice 4

One on morning when molly and sophie woke up mum said it is a nice to day would like to go to the zoo.? Molly said yes I would love to go to the zoo today But mum can my friend come to? ok then. Soon molly went up stairs and called sophie up and told her that they a going to the zoo today so wake up and brush your then get dressed also wear your prettiest clothes ok. When everyone was ready then all got into the car.

While mum was driving molly told mum where is her friend house then mollys mum could pick them up mollys friends names was Bella,katie,Gracie and Daisy they were all of molly’s friend when mum got to their house they jumped in to the car.

Soon mum said molly would you like to go to the back of the car and you can play with your friend while I am driving you guys to the zoo?’’

Later the car run out of petrol and mum said oh no we can not get to the zoo in time what a we going to do?

Soon mum drive though a town she saw  a petrol station so mum drive in the phenol stanton and  puted some petiole in her car so that it can work.

When they got to the zoo mum took them out of the car and mum took her camera with her they saw lots of monkeys in the zoo and while they were looking at the monkeys mum took photos of them they were so cute.

Molly's favorite part was when they saw a monkey looked so cute.

The End

Monday, 4 November 2013

prompt practice 3

On one day ‘’mum said to Ashley would you like to go to the zoo today and have a look at the animals.  Ashley said yes mum’’ I would definitely like to go to the zoo today. Then ‘’mum said ok go upstairs and get change into your clothes’’. when everyone was ready mum took some food and she tooked her handbag with her so just  incase that she need her handbag on the way to the zoo. When mum had finish getting her stuff Bella and Ashley helped her mum to take the stuff that she need into the car when we got to the zoo mum got everything out of the car.

soon they went into the zoo they saw lots of amazing things at the zoo.Also while they was walking they tooked lots of picture of animals When it was 12 o'clock mum went back to the car and grab Ashley and Bella lunch out when mum went back in mum gave them their lunch while they was eating their lunch they saw lions out of their cave.

Soon one was driving a car and at the back of the car there was a huge cave and all of the people was at the zoo they was in the cave man when the man

saw them he said to them children and the mum to hurry up and get into in the van or the lions will get you and then they will eat soon it was too late to get in the linon already arrived so the lion went chasing them so the man said run over to that tree so they all did what the man said to them when they got over there the man said hurry!  Jump in or the lion will come soon so they got into the van quickly then the man said to them to loked up the door then linon can not get in. when they got in the van was huge and they was all squash.

When the lion came they did not see anyone so they went away when they went away the man followed the linon when they was all in their cage the man got out of the car and looked up the cage so the lion will not get out of the cage anymore.

soon they all went home and make their dinner after they had have their dinner Bella and Ashley went and watch t.v and soon it was 8 o'clock mum said it is bedtime so the turned off the t.v and got change into their jummies  and went to sleep and they all had a wonderful day and also a scary day when they woke up the next morning they thought about this horrible dream  they did not believe that it was true.

The End.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

On one beautiful morning when Bella woke up mum said “let’s go to the beach today”. Bella was so happy that her mum would let her go to the beach with her friend on a sunny day. There was so many people at the beach and the water was very cold. Bella couldn't imagine there was so many people at the beach, the place was a very messy and so many people. Soon Bella and her 3 best friends Camilla, Emily and Katie arrived at the beach and they can not find a place to park their car. Katie went to the ice cream shop and bought some ice cream and when she came out of the ice cream shop she couldn’t find Emily’s car.

Katie went every where to look for Emily but she still couldn’t find Emily so she gave up looking for them. Soon Emily found Katie outside the ice cream shop, she was sitting on a red chair and she looked so sad. Emily went and cheered Katie up and soon Katie was not so sad anymore.

So they found a car pack and they got to the beach. They put on sun cream and then they lay down in the sun. It was a wonderful sunny day at the beach and when it was 3 o'clock they all went home and had a shower before dinner.

Friday, 25 October 2013

A Party Show!!!!

Dear Jam Bus Team,

Thank you Sam and Hugh for recording St Pius X Schools songs and the time that you spent with our school. We appreciate your time that your have shared with us and giving us a free CD each. This is my first time to get a CD and listening to my class and friends singing. Room3 appreciate that you have spent a lot of money to record our songs and a lot of time to get the CD done. Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


Friday, 18 October 2013


This is going to be awesome and it is my first time to play squash
On Monday morning  after morning tea Miss G took us to Squash.When we got in the hall we saw lot of little tiny yellow balls and lots of racket also we saw a big board. We all wondered what will that be?. Our coach names were Phil and Michael they  teached us to  play Squash. Our coach asked us if we had play squash before. Soon they showed us how to play Squash some of the Room 3 Children challenge  Michael at playing Squash.  later on we all had a go at playing Squash I think Squash is a very hard game  to play and it  makes you hot  and tired.Soon Miss G puted us in to groups  we only had 59 minutes to play then miss G came to us and ask who is the two  people with the highest point it was Annalise and Rosarine they had the highest point so me and stephanie stayed  at sage 1 because stephanie had 5 point and I  had 6 point also I had lots of fun playing Squash.

I think Squash is a fun sport to play but you have to train  if you don’t train you will find it hard to hit the ball.

Some Information about Squash.  

1. The two top players are ? Nicol David and Ramy Ashour .

2. In squash  what  do you wear? You wear eye protection,top and a pants.

4 How many people do you need to play squash you only need Two people to play squash.

5.  What is the ball made of? The ball is made of rubber.



Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fabric and Fibre Art

Here I am doing my fabric artwork.
This is my beautiful butterfly and flower that I sewed. 
I enjoyed sewing the butterfly and the flower.
What I found easy was everything.
When my artwork is finished I am going to give it to my  mum because she is a loving mum.

Waitangi day

On Waitangi day I went to the pools with mum and Vanessa. It was a fine day. We had fish and chips. They tasted yummy and we had hot dogs! Then I went down the slide. It was scary when the water splashed and went all over me. When I went to the warm pool i saw a dollar then went down to get the five dollars. Then I went to the shower and after the shower i got changed. Then I called  Vanessa to have a shower. Then I went in the car after Vanessa finished her shower. Mum and  Vanessa went outside to have dinner.

Our Swimming Pool

 At Saint Pius X we had a swimming pool and we have instructors named Kevin and Gillian. They teach us how to dive and float. The water is cold and when we first went in the pool Kevin told us to stand at the side and I felt good. I like Kevin because he is kind and helpful. I like that when he helped me how to kick and splash.

The Angry Rona and the Powerful Moon

 Many years ago on a very dark forest lived Marama the moon and Rona and her two children. In a whare the children said to Rona "Bring us some water." Then Rona went and took a bottle but Marama hid behind a cloud and she was so mad that she tripped on a root. She screamed at Marama "You pineapple head. Come out from that cloud Marama." When Rona was getting fresh water the moon grabbed Rona as strong as he could. Rona became angry. When Rona was calling them the children looked up in the sky. She said to Marama "let me go!" But Marama didn't listen to her.

The message was don't talk rudely to people.

Running Away from a Dog

One sunny day Jimmy and Jessica were riding their speedy bikes at the near by park. They were riding up and down the steep path having a great race. As they went by the courner Jimmy heard a loud bark. "Whats that?" Yelled Jessica.
"Oh there is a big black dog coming after us." Shouted Jimmy.
"I think that is his owner." Shouted Jessica
"That's not his owner." Yelled Jimmy.
Jessica said, "That's the owner."
"He is a big strong man." Called Jimmy.
The man came to take his dog Max back home. "I'm sorry. I left my gate open." Said Jack the owner. "I will take you two back home."
The children were so glad they were not attacked. They will go to the park again.

Watching Mr Popper's Penguins

  Straight after the 3 news it was time for Mr popper's penguin movie. It is very funny because I have watch this on Sky movies. 

Also While I am watching it I decide to go get the Tim Tam from the kitchen. After I got it I ran to the room so that I can start eating it while I am watching it. 

Thank you for reading it I hope you have a lovely beautiful day tomorrow. See you, Bye.  

Diary day 8!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody now what I am doing is eating three lollypops and just had finished drinking frozen coke from burger king it is only $1.00 but at the macdonalds they have any size you can get any size you want only for 1 dollar so cheap. See you guys later.

A movie and a song

Barden Bellas Finals Lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting here and watching Pitch Perfect and i heared this song at the end and I was going to get crazy and dance with everybody so I can get fit.

A cool song

The Barden Bellas - The sign/Bulletproof/Eternal Flame/Turn the Beat Aro...

Sitting here and watching Pitch Perfect and i heared this song at the end and I was going to get crazy and dance with everybody so I can get fit.

Posting the most stuff!!!!!!!!


Me and  Petra are having a challenge to post the most writing into our blog because me and her wants the new bike I really want it and I like the new bike.

Having a challenge of posting the most stuff about the

Holidays on our blogs I'm winning I got 37 posts and 
hes got 30 post on his blog and me and  her are on 100s!!!!

Total Well Being

Matthew 25:36

Physical Well Being - Having a healthy body.
Social Well Being - Having friend and family support you.                
Mental Well Being - Being able to tell others what think and feel.
Spiritual Well Being - Being able to believe in God.

 On Tuesday morning Stephanie took us to  chart well. First we went to farmer there was lots of wonderful thing at farmer's later we went to countdown we brought meat, you hurt and other food when we had pay the the things that  we brought at  countdown soon Stephanie write our names down on the paper so that at 11.30 we can do some  colouring in but we took it home soon nana took us to two dolloer shop we brought lots of things  at two dolloer shop.

The Gummy Bear Song

This is my Favorite Song. Out of the baby songs. Sing along if you know this song :)

funny Jokes


Hi Guys. I am going to tell you about Jokes. If they aren't funny funny then are not. This is also my diary number 7! okay. The answers will be at the very end. Let's Start. some of them are riddle.

1. Where do you go and pack and Save your stuff?

2. Where do you go and Countdown?

3. Where do you find your house?

4. A Rooster lay a egg, Which way will it go.
Will it go East, West or south or North?

5. Why did the chicken crossed the road?

6.Why is the Toilet sick?

7. Why is the shower on?

Okay Did you guys enjoy the jokes???

1. Pak'inSave

2. Countdown

3. Warehouse

4. A Rooster can't lay a egg only a Hen can!

5. The chicken want the worm.

6.  The Toilet is sick because someone has bombed the Toilet.

7. The shower is on Because a baby turned it on.

 Haha Hope you enjoy!!! Laughing.
 Goning on to math whizz

Nearly night time I decided to go on to math whizz because it helps me to learn my basic fact and my math skill. Also I like math whizz because it helps me to be clever on it and you can change your room colourful and you can buy stuff on  mathWhizz. 
posting the most stuff

  About china

In china they have lost of people and china is a big country also if you go to rainbow end in china I promise that you will love it because they have lots of thing that you haven’t play before also if you get a chance to go to rainbow end in china then go, but you can’t play everything in one day because there’s  is to many thing to play in china .

 About my nana and grandpa

At Hamilton my nana planted a lot of flowers because she like flowers it is sad that she can’t plant any more flowers because she is old she is not so well and my grandpa likes to build a Luke and buy fish I love my nana and my grandpa. see you soon.

 Playing with water

In the holiday my cousin mark he played with me in the garden Vanessa was up steers sleeping with nana while they was sleeping mark decided to play with the water so he went into the garden then he wet me with the water I wet him with a big bottle of water later nana came down she said when you have finish playing with the water go and get change w said ok nana it was a very fun day and also it was really hot down in Hamilton. See you soon Playing with water