Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tiakina a Tangaroa protect our seas

On one special morning there was a school that went to the sea. Before they got in the water they had to practice how to swim and how to look after the animals that are in the water.They went and practiced at the swimming pool because they had more space in the pool.

When they had learnt how to swim properly the teacher took the children and they checked that each others clothes were zipped up properly. Soon they went into the water and they saw lots of fish and other things in the water. While they were in the water they didn’t just play around they actually looked at each one of the fish under the water and other things that are in the water.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

St Puis X Feast Day

Today on Wednesday 21 of August is the feast day of Saint Pius X. His real name is Joseph Sarto and he got that name Pius X when he was the Pope. It is said that he was a very good man to the poor  and also to the children of the Catholic Church.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Cross Country

Finally, the day arrived. We had been waiting for this and the weather was perfect.

On a beautiful sunny Tuesday afternoon, 13th August, we were ready for our Cross Country.  We were so excited that we were going to do cross country. In the morning on Tuesday St Mary’s College students came to our school and they helped us with the Cross Country. Soon we had lunch and Miss G told us that we are having a short time for lunch. Later on when we got our lunch we sat down and ate it and when we finished we went and played. Soon the whole school went to the courts and some parents came to see us run.

We went and found our age group and when we found our age group we started off with the 12 years olds because they have to run two times around the roads. Soon it was the 10 years olds turn, we only had to run 1 time around the roads. It was a long run and while when we were running we saw some flags and St Mary’s College helpers. When we were all running I think we were all tired and some children had a stitch but all of us kept on running back to school. When we came back to the school office Miss G took some pictures of us and Mrs Williams took down our age and then we went back to the courts. I came third in my race in the 10 years old.  After all of the big kids had ran then it was the little kids turn to run. The big kids were cheering for the little kids when they was running.

At end of the day we went back to our classroom we got changed back into our school clothes then we got our bags soon we went home. I felt happy and tired also it was fun on cross country day and I can’t wait to do cross country again.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Jamie McDell Report

Jamie McDell is a New Zealand singer, she is 16 years old and her birthday is on the third of November. She was brought up with a musical family.

Jamie McDell is a kiwi kid and in her had early life she also had career in music. Jamie Mcdell went to school at King’s College. She wrote songs when she was a child. Her birth name was Jamie.  

It has been said that McDell "just might be New Zealand's answer to Taylor Swift”. Jamie McDell likes buying things for summer and she thinks Auckland is the best place to go running. Also Jamie McDell has facebook and Twitter. Jamie Mcdell has sing these songs 'Never end', 'Always in my heart', 'Unworthy feeling' and 'Whenever we're apart'.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Assumpition

We celebrate The Assumption because that is when Mary went in to dormition (deep sleep) and her body went to heaven. Pope Pius declared that it will be true that Mary’s body went to heaven when Mary went to heaven. Mary was the Queen of the Heaven Her Heavenly birthday was the 15th of August.

Pope Pius was the one to tell everyone that it is true that Mary’s soul and her body went to heaven. Mary is the queen of heaven.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Camping holiay

  camping holiday
Once there lived a family with a mother and a father and also they had two children, one of them was a girl and one is a boy. One day they the mother and the father decided to go camping at the bush the children did not want to go to camping because they wanted to watch t.v at home.

Soon their father came home from work in the way back home he brought a new tent for camping so everyone could sleep in it. When dad had got home mum was happy but the children were not happy because they did not want to go camping at the bush because mum and dad would not take the t.v with them because it was too heavy and so much trouble.

They took tinned food, fishing rod, cricket bat, soccer ball, gas cooker and a mat.They soon had packed everything and mum said “don’t leave anything behind, there aren’t any shops”.

Soon they hopped into the car and dad drove all the way to the place that they going to be camping. When they got there they took everything out and they found out that they forgot the tent. The kids were so happy because it meant that they had to go back home.