Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Theatre

Yay! the Duffy show. Everyone was excited because they were going to watch a show.

After morning tea on Monday morning St Pius students went to line up.  Soon Mrs Williams came and told one class at a time to go to the hall. When we were all seated in the hall. Three grown up’s came out  and  introduced themselves. Their names were Duffy, Afi and Scruffy also Vautre. Vautre was the evil one in the show. The Duffy show was all about Duffy losing his words. During the Duffy show there was some very funny parts. The show was about reading and learning.

The reason that the Duffy show came  to our school was to share and to tell us about Reading and how important reading is, so they acted out a play to tell us about reading.

MY favourite part of the show was watching Duffy and Afi acting out the part of school time and when mum  gave Duffy  his breakfast.

It was a wonderful experience to watch the Duffy show because it it was a funny show.
I hope there is another Duffy show next year.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Kid's for Kid's story

After school on friday Grandma came to pick us up from school and we had to walk all the way home. When we got home we had  something to eat then we went and had a shower.  When we had finished having our shower me and Vanessa did our homework. When Vanessa had finished her homework, we played a game. Soon it was dinner time so me and Vanessa went and washed our hands then we had our dinner. Mum rang me she said “Joanna you have to wear your sneakers shoes ok?”  I said “yes Mum”. When mum had finished talking to me on the phone grandma said “Joanna you can go and get changed into your dress and before you put your jacket on you go and brush your hair”. When I had finished Tokilupe came to my house I went and grabbed my shoes and I went with Tokilupe to the kid’s for kid’s concert.

When we got to the concert me and Tokilupe went to a room that mrs G told us to meet her at. When we had found Miss G she told us to to sit down and play some games while we waited for the other children to come.

When we got on stage we sat on the wooden chairs and we had to sing 20 songs with Nathan King and Jackie Clark. There were 15 schools that sang with us.  From our school was Annalise, Alicia, Seuti, Maun, Stephanie, Tokilupe, Paul, Rosalina, Kenasine, Richie, Faleaka and Ma’ata. On the stage it was very hot and the colour of the lights were purple and blue.

At half time Miss G took us backstage and Miss G gave us 2 chocolates and some biscuits. Before we got back on stage Miss G told us to go to the toilet which we did.

We went back onto the stage and we waited for Jackie and Nathan and then we started to sing some more songs. When we finished singing the last song with Jackie and Nathan we went off the stage and we stayed in that room till Tokilupe’s dad came and picked us up and and took me home.

At the end of the show I felt tired and sleepy but it still was so fun at the kid’s for kid’s concert.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Matthew 25:36

 Physical well-being. Have a healthy body.

Social well-being. Having family-whanau friend support.

Mental and emotional well-being. Being able to tell others what you think and feel.

spiritual well-being. For Christians. being able to believe in God.

Monday, 16 September 2013

kid's for kid's

On one wonderful Friday morning room 3 have been so excited about the kid’s for kid’s concert, finally it had arrived.

On Friday morning when I got to school I went to my class and Miss G told us to go and  grab your morning tea and we wrote our name on it. Miss G was going to take us to the kid’s for kid’s rehearsal. When everyone was here Miss G told room 3 to go outside and line up.  When we had got into our line Miss G took us down the road and Mrs Denney came with us to the the kids or kid’s for the Rehearsal. When we got to the Life Convention Centre we got off the bus then we went on stage and practiced our songs.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Filming Reflection

On Monday afternoon Miss G put us into groups to make a storyboard for our part of the film for the Film Festival movie. A storyboard is where you write down who is doing what in the group, Annalise was director, Patrick, Christopher, Vaine and me were the students in the group, Rachel and Joshua were the teachers and Ezra was the camera operator. When our group was ready Miss G came to us and said “your group is filming on Thursday afternoon”.

On Thursday afternoon Miss G set up the camera for our group to film and we filmed in the classroom. In room 3 Joshua and Rachel were the only people who had to bring a costume. When the camera was ready Miss G called our group to the mat and Patrick went and got his book because his book had the storyboard in it to tell us what we needed to do. When Patrick had got his book the actors all grabbed a book and their own netbook on the mat and when Annalise said “action” the actors began to do what they were told.

It was lots of fun filming our part of the movie.  I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Maths Reflection

At school what I think about maths is it is fun because when you grow up it helps you. At school in class most of the time Miss G tells us to go on to Xtra math first because it is a warm up activity also it helps you with your basic facts. Sometimes as an activity we go on math whizz, they always have new activites the more time that we get new activity we learn more in maths time.

At school in class I am in Terrific Triangles and I find maths interesting.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Saint pius x feast day

On one special morning is was Saint Pius X feast day.It was a beautiful, sunny morning on Friday 23rd August.

In the morning when we got to school we went to class and hung our bag up on the hook .Then we went outside and played for a little while,soon the bell rang, the whole school went to line up when we had  said our school prayer.

Mrs Denney  took us to the church.When we  got into the church we sat down on the chair’s and waited the other class that was coming to church, when everyone was  all ready mrs Tui put on a song  then we  sang  the songs that she puts on her  laptop,When we had finished singing that song father came and  talked to us.He told us a story about  Jimmy.  later on we had to sing another song while we were sing the whole school went up one at a time for the bread and the wine. Finally when we were all seated  ‘’Father said our Mass has finished’’ while Father went out the church we sang another  song. When everyone had stopped singing  Mrs Tui  said to the teacher’s “take your class to the hall and sit on the mat in the hall’’

When we got into the hall we sat down on the mat while we were sitting  on the mat Mrs tui  said “let’s sing Happy feast day”  When we had sung Happy feast day Mrs tui started cutting a little pices of cake and give it out .while Mrs Tui was cutting the cake one  teacher came up and chosed  some children to help mrs tui while the kids that was helping mrs tui some kids  was talking to other children. Everyone only had one piece of cake,  the type of cake we had was banana cake and white icing on the top of the it and it tasted yummy. When we had eaten our cake one child came around to collate our paper that we used. Soon Mrs Tui said “room3 you can go back to class now’’

Mrs Denney took us back to class. Eventually we went back from the hall and sat on the mats and every class get to share 1 or 2 songs to the whole school, it was really fun to hear every class singing in the whole school sing.