Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Typing test,

At the begging of the year I got 19 and the second time that I did my test a got 32 an.d now I get 46 I am very happy because it is my high score.

Comparing Communion of Saints.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Communion of Saints

Saint Patrick

Film Festival

On a wonderful morning when I got to school I went and hung my bag up and I went outside to play with my friends. Soon the bell rang so everyone went to the hall and we were all sat and said our school prayer. Soon Mrs Deeney took room3 down to the bus.  

When we were all seated on the bus the driver started to drive us all to Sylvia Park. On our way to Sylvia Park we saw lot of houses. While we were on the bus me and Petra were playing I dare you.

Soon we got to Sylvia Park and we got off the bus and lined up in two lines. When we were ready Mrs Deeney took us in. Soon we got in a room and it was very dark because the lights were turned off. We saw lot of kids sitting in the chairs and so we had to find a seat to sit on before the movie started.

Soon Alecia and Patrick were first up and they introduced the movie that room3 had made. Before our movie started everyone started clapping.

When the show had finished we all went outside and we saw the next school was waiting outside of the door. We got into the bus and on the way back to school we saw lots of people  in their cars. Soon we got back to school and we had morning tea only for 10 minute before we went back to class and we had our milk then we did our work. It was a hot day on Wednesday afternoon.

My favourite part of the movie was Glen Innes Primary because it was about chocolate. I like that movie because it was funny.

Monday, 11 November 2013


My mum inspire me because she cares about me and Vanessa. Also she has been trying to raise money for us. Also me and Vanessa really love her. 

She has been trying her best to give us a really good home and family. I know that life has been hard for her when I was a baby, so me and Vanessa are trying our best to behave really good at school and home. 

The reason that I chose my mum is because she will always be at my side and she is encouraging me in my learning.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt 5

On one wonderful morning Holly’s mum said to Holly your hair is getting to long I will take you to the hair cut shop when you have finish eating your breakfast ok Holly. Holly said yes mum
so when Holly had finish eating her breakfast we went and got change into her clothes then Mum said are ready holly ? holly shouted yes mum just wait a second ok.

Soon they all got to the hair cut shop when they got in a man came and said hi how can I help you?’’ mum said may you please cut my daughters hair because it to long’’ then the man said how short will you want it? ‘’mum said you can it when like you just a can tie it up then the man said ok then.

So the man start cutting Hollys hair while he was cutting Hollys hair soon  holly looked down on the floor she looked very sad because her friends at school have long hair now she don’t have long hair so holly looked so sad all the way home.

Soon the man had finish cutting hollys hair he said I just need to get the blower to make her hair dry then it is all done so the man went and got the blower to dry Holly’s hair when he brought it out  mum said what is that he said it is a blower why a so worry about that mum said that does not look like a blower but the man said it is a blower then mum said ok then keep on going when the man turned on the blower it made a loud noise  mum looked very worried about that when he had finish holly went to her mum .

Soon after all it was not so bad hollys hair was nice and short and clean also Hollys hair was smooth.

When holly got home she was so happy because her mum brought her something on the way home so Holly was not so sad after all.

The End

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

prompt practice 4

One on morning when molly and sophie woke up mum said it is a nice to day would like to go to the zoo.? Molly said yes I would love to go to the zoo today But mum can my friend come to? ok then. Soon molly went up stairs and called sophie up and told her that they a going to the zoo today so wake up and brush your then get dressed also wear your prettiest clothes ok. When everyone was ready then all got into the car.

While mum was driving molly told mum where is her friend house then mollys mum could pick them up mollys friends names was Bella,katie,Gracie and Daisy they were all of molly’s friend when mum got to their house they jumped in to the car.

Soon mum said molly would you like to go to the back of the car and you can play with your friend while I am driving you guys to the zoo?’’

Later the car run out of petrol and mum said oh no we can not get to the zoo in time what a we going to do?

Soon mum drive though a town she saw  a petrol station so mum drive in the phenol stanton and  puted some petiole in her car so that it can work.

When they got to the zoo mum took them out of the car and mum took her camera with her they saw lots of monkeys in the zoo and while they were looking at the monkeys mum took photos of them they were so cute.

Molly's favorite part was when they saw a monkey looked so cute.

The End

Monday, 4 November 2013

prompt practice 3

On one day ‘’mum said to Ashley would you like to go to the zoo today and have a look at the animals.  Ashley said yes mum’’ I would definitely like to go to the zoo today. Then ‘’mum said ok go upstairs and get change into your clothes’’. when everyone was ready mum took some food and she tooked her handbag with her so just  incase that she need her handbag on the way to the zoo. When mum had finish getting her stuff Bella and Ashley helped her mum to take the stuff that she need into the car when we got to the zoo mum got everything out of the car.

soon they went into the zoo they saw lots of amazing things at the zoo.Also while they was walking they tooked lots of picture of animals When it was 12 o'clock mum went back to the car and grab Ashley and Bella lunch out when mum went back in mum gave them their lunch while they was eating their lunch they saw lions out of their cave.

Soon one was driving a car and at the back of the car there was a huge cave and all of the people was at the zoo they was in the cave man when the man

saw them he said to them children and the mum to hurry up and get into in the van or the lions will get you and then they will eat soon it was too late to get in the linon already arrived so the lion went chasing them so the man said run over to that tree so they all did what the man said to them when they got over there the man said hurry!  Jump in or the lion will come soon so they got into the van quickly then the man said to them to loked up the door then linon can not get in. when they got in the van was huge and they was all squash.

When the lion came they did not see anyone so they went away when they went away the man followed the linon when they was all in their cage the man got out of the car and looked up the cage so the lion will not get out of the cage anymore.

soon they all went home and make their dinner after they had have their dinner Bella and Ashley went and watch t.v and soon it was 8 o'clock mum said it is bedtime so the turned off the t.v and got change into their jummies  and went to sleep and they all had a wonderful day and also a scary day when they woke up the next morning they thought about this horrible dream  they did not believe that it was true.

The End.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

On one beautiful morning when Bella woke up mum said “let’s go to the beach today”. Bella was so happy that her mum would let her go to the beach with her friend on a sunny day. There was so many people at the beach and the water was very cold. Bella couldn't imagine there was so many people at the beach, the place was a very messy and so many people. Soon Bella and her 3 best friends Camilla, Emily and Katie arrived at the beach and they can not find a place to park their car. Katie went to the ice cream shop and bought some ice cream and when she came out of the ice cream shop she couldn’t find Emily’s car.

Katie went every where to look for Emily but she still couldn’t find Emily so she gave up looking for them. Soon Emily found Katie outside the ice cream shop, she was sitting on a red chair and she looked so sad. Emily went and cheered Katie up and soon Katie was not so sad anymore.

So they found a car pack and they got to the beach. They put on sun cream and then they lay down in the sun. It was a wonderful sunny day at the beach and when it was 3 o'clock they all went home and had a shower before dinner.