Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My sister

The symbols of the Holy spirit.

The symbols of the Holy spirit.

The symbols that I chose for art is water because it use a symbol used to show the Holy Spirit during baptism.

In the afternoon on Tuesday we did art. We used paint, the colour I chose was yellow because it the colour of a kiwi. When we finished painting we had to draw a symbol of the Holy spirit and cut it out of black paper.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Do you think going to camp is a good idea? Well I am going to tell you why going to camp is a good idea. Here I will give you 4 reason why going to camp is good idea.

1 Going to camp is a good idea because you can learn how to take care of your self.

2 Also you will be having so much fun that you would be forgetting about school.

3. And you won't even have to do any home work how cool is that?

4 Also I promise that the food will taste good so I recommend you to go to camp.

Last of all if you take my advise you sure will have a good time at camp.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

At the becah

   At the Beach.
In the holidays Stephanie took us to the beach.It was a really sunny day on Wednesday at the beach. Me and Vanessa made a big sad castle mostly I made the sad castle and Vanessa went and help me to find a shells the shells was pretty.Soon it was 2’o clock so we went back home on the way back Stephanie friends was emailing her and she said Joanna can you help me to text my friend back then I said ok. When we got home had a shower.