Friday, 9 August 2013

Camping holiay

  camping holiday
Once there lived a family with a mother and a father and also they had two children, one of them was a girl and one is a boy. One day they the mother and the father decided to go camping at the bush the children did not want to go to camping because they wanted to watch t.v at home.

Soon their father came home from work in the way back home he brought a new tent for camping so everyone could sleep in it. When dad had got home mum was happy but the children were not happy because they did not want to go camping at the bush because mum and dad would not take the t.v with them because it was too heavy and so much trouble.

They took tinned food, fishing rod, cricket bat, soccer ball, gas cooker and a mat.They soon had packed everything and mum said “don’t leave anything behind, there aren’t any shops”.

Soon they hopped into the car and dad drove all the way to the place that they going to be camping. When they got there they took everything out and they found out that they forgot the tent. The kids were so happy because it meant that they had to go back home.

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