Monday, 19 August 2013

Cross Country

Finally, the day arrived. We had been waiting for this and the weather was perfect.

On a beautiful sunny Tuesday afternoon, 13th August, we were ready for our Cross Country.  We were so excited that we were going to do cross country. In the morning on Tuesday St Mary’s College students came to our school and they helped us with the Cross Country. Soon we had lunch and Miss G told us that we are having a short time for lunch. Later on when we got our lunch we sat down and ate it and when we finished we went and played. Soon the whole school went to the courts and some parents came to see us run.

We went and found our age group and when we found our age group we started off with the 12 years olds because they have to run two times around the roads. Soon it was the 10 years olds turn, we only had to run 1 time around the roads. It was a long run and while when we were running we saw some flags and St Mary’s College helpers. When we were all running I think we were all tired and some children had a stitch but all of us kept on running back to school. When we came back to the school office Miss G took some pictures of us and Mrs Williams took down our age and then we went back to the courts. I came third in my race in the 10 years old.  After all of the big kids had ran then it was the little kids turn to run. The big kids were cheering for the little kids when they was running.

At end of the day we went back to our classroom we got changed back into our school clothes then we got our bags soon we went home. I felt happy and tired also it was fun on cross country day and I can’t wait to do cross country again.

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