Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Saint pius x feast day

On one special morning is was Saint Pius X feast day.It was a beautiful, sunny morning on Friday 23rd August.

In the morning when we got to school we went to class and hung our bag up on the hook .Then we went outside and played for a little while,soon the bell rang, the whole school went to line up when we had  said our school prayer.

Mrs Denney  took us to the church.When we  got into the church we sat down on the chair’s and waited the other class that was coming to church, when everyone was  all ready mrs Tui put on a song  then we  sang  the songs that she puts on her  laptop,When we had finished singing that song father came and  talked to us.He told us a story about  Jimmy.  later on we had to sing another song while we were sing the whole school went up one at a time for the bread and the wine. Finally when we were all seated  ‘’Father said our Mass has finished’’ while Father went out the church we sang another  song. When everyone had stopped singing  Mrs Tui  said to the teacher’s “take your class to the hall and sit on the mat in the hall’’

When we got into the hall we sat down on the mat while we were sitting  on the mat Mrs tui  said “let’s sing Happy feast day”  When we had sung Happy feast day Mrs tui started cutting a little pices of cake and give it out .while Mrs Tui was cutting the cake one  teacher came up and chosed  some children to help mrs tui while the kids that was helping mrs tui some kids  was talking to other children. Everyone only had one piece of cake,  the type of cake we had was banana cake and white icing on the top of the it and it tasted yummy. When we had eaten our cake one child came around to collate our paper that we used. Soon Mrs Tui said “room3 you can go back to class now’’

Mrs Denney took us back to class. Eventually we went back from the hall and sat on the mats and every class get to share 1 or 2 songs to the whole school, it was really fun to hear every class singing in the whole school sing.

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