Monday, 23 September 2013

Kid's for Kid's story

After school on friday Grandma came to pick us up from school and we had to walk all the way home. When we got home we had  something to eat then we went and had a shower.  When we had finished having our shower me and Vanessa did our homework. When Vanessa had finished her homework, we played a game. Soon it was dinner time so me and Vanessa went and washed our hands then we had our dinner. Mum rang me she said “Joanna you have to wear your sneakers shoes ok?”  I said “yes Mum”. When mum had finished talking to me on the phone grandma said “Joanna you can go and get changed into your dress and before you put your jacket on you go and brush your hair”. When I had finished Tokilupe came to my house I went and grabbed my shoes and I went with Tokilupe to the kid’s for kid’s concert.

When we got to the concert me and Tokilupe went to a room that mrs G told us to meet her at. When we had found Miss G she told us to to sit down and play some games while we waited for the other children to come.

When we got on stage we sat on the wooden chairs and we had to sing 20 songs with Nathan King and Jackie Clark. There were 15 schools that sang with us.  From our school was Annalise, Alicia, Seuti, Maun, Stephanie, Tokilupe, Paul, Rosalina, Kenasine, Richie, Faleaka and Ma’ata. On the stage it was very hot and the colour of the lights were purple and blue.

At half time Miss G took us backstage and Miss G gave us 2 chocolates and some biscuits. Before we got back on stage Miss G told us to go to the toilet which we did.

We went back onto the stage and we waited for Jackie and Nathan and then we started to sing some more songs. When we finished singing the last song with Jackie and Nathan we went off the stage and we stayed in that room till Tokilupe’s dad came and picked us up and and took me home.

At the end of the show I felt tired and sleepy but it still was so fun at the kid’s for kid’s concert.

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