Wednesday, 9 October 2013

funny Jokes


Hi Guys. I am going to tell you about Jokes. If they aren't funny funny then are not. This is also my diary number 7! okay. The answers will be at the very end. Let's Start. some of them are riddle.

1. Where do you go and pack and Save your stuff?

2. Where do you go and Countdown?

3. Where do you find your house?

4. A Rooster lay a egg, Which way will it go.
Will it go East, West or south or North?

5. Why did the chicken crossed the road?

6.Why is the Toilet sick?

7. Why is the shower on?

Okay Did you guys enjoy the jokes???

1. Pak'inSave

2. Countdown

3. Warehouse

4. A Rooster can't lay a egg only a Hen can!

5. The chicken want the worm.

6.  The Toilet is sick because someone has bombed the Toilet.

7. The shower is on Because a baby turned it on.

 Haha Hope you enjoy!!! Laughing.

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