Friday, 18 October 2013


This is going to be awesome and it is my first time to play squash
On Monday morning  after morning tea Miss G took us to Squash.When we got in the hall we saw lot of little tiny yellow balls and lots of racket also we saw a big board. We all wondered what will that be?. Our coach names were Phil and Michael they  teached us to  play Squash. Our coach asked us if we had play squash before. Soon they showed us how to play Squash some of the Room 3 Children challenge  Michael at playing Squash.  later on we all had a go at playing Squash I think Squash is a very hard game  to play and it  makes you hot  and tired.Soon Miss G puted us in to groups  we only had 59 minutes to play then miss G came to us and ask who is the two  people with the highest point it was Annalise and Rosarine they had the highest point so me and stephanie stayed  at sage 1 because stephanie had 5 point and I  had 6 point also I had lots of fun playing Squash.

I think Squash is a fun sport to play but you have to train  if you don’t train you will find it hard to hit the ball.

Some Information about Squash.  

1. The two top players are ? Nicol David and Ramy Ashour .

2. In squash  what  do you wear? You wear eye protection,top and a pants.

4 How many people do you need to play squash you only need Two people to play squash.

5.  What is the ball made of? The ball is made of rubber.



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