Monday, 2 December 2013

Cultural day

On Friday, after morning tea Rm7 and Rm6 went to room3. We had to stand in a line with our groups. The first group to tell their information about their country was Peru, then it goes Argentina, Brazil and then Colombia. While we were presenting to the Senior Syndicate we were all nervous. Soon we were finished so the minute that we finished we were so happy because we do not have to do it again. When room 3 had finished telling their information about their country we all had to sit down. Miss G said to room6 that they can go back to class first.

Miss G took us to rm6,when we got to room 6 we got a paper each also we had a pencil. When we were all queit then they start talking about their country that they have been working on.Peru had to make the first group and the group was called India also they had lot of information about India. When they had finished talking about India we had to mark what point they should get, I mostly marked 5, and 4 also 3.  
Soon it was lunch time so Miss G told us to get our lunch. When we had  got out lunch Miss G gave out the balls so we could play with it. I played with Annalise and Rosalina just walking around the school.

When lunch time had finished Miss G opened the classroom door and said to go and sit on the mat then us what we had to do. We changed into our clothes. When everyone had got themselves sorted Miss G went outside with us and lined up. We went over to the hall because we had to show our dance that we had been leaning in the classroom.

When we came back to class we all had to go and get changed in to our school uniform again and sit down on the mat, soon it was home time.

On Friday I felt hot and nervous but it still was a fun day. I enjoyed marking Rm6 and 7’s work because it is fun to mark their work and see how much points to give them for their country research.

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