Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Hoildays

On Monday ''mum said to me go and get your stuff ready because we are going to Hamilton then we are going to Rotorua''.We were so excited that we rushed in side and got everything really when it was 11.20 we put everything into the car soon we got to Hamilton when we got to the seen by the doctors mum said lets go to nana house to have dinner when we got to nana house the rain was pouring down but that don't stop us going to Rotorua for a spa. When we had finish having dinner at  nana house we sat with nana until 5.30 then we went to Rotorua on the way to Rotorua mums friend said to mum to turn on the GPS when mum had turned it on it said we will get to Rotorua at 6 something when we got to Rotorua mum had to find the hotel that we were going to stay over night when mums friend had all arrived at the hotel they said lets have dinner first then we can deiced which spa pool are we go to first when mum friend had finish their dinner first they was planing to go to the Mud pool I love the plan but unfortunately we had to go to the lake spa it was boring but still we had a fun time at the spa when it was 10 o'clock  we came out of the pool and went inside to have a shower after shower we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.


Here is some pictures of the spa

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