Friday, 28 June 2013

Fuzzy the Bear

This Teddy bear’s name is Fuzzy.

Fuzzy is  a soft, cute bear and  cute she is so adorable that make children like to play with her. Fuzzy  is kind to everyone that even make children smile.

Fuzzy is  brown as a chocolate bar. Also she is  a very fluffy bear that people like to pat Fuzzy .Fuzzy is a very colourful bear she has a lovely bow on her neck she is a very little bear because she like children at night to cuddle her.  
Fuzzy has are round nose, she has big footprint ,is a very cute bear, her ears a very fluffy, she is so chubby.

What Fuzzy like is lots of cuddle of children and she always  like to play in the daytime people always think she is a cute little bear and I think so too. she is a very funny little bear that she do jokes.

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