Saturday, 15 June 2013

Swimming Lessons

One sunny morning room 3 went swimming. First we got changed into our togs, the girls took their bags and walked over to the swimming pool then we put our bags on the ground in the tent and we went inside the pool.  The pool was heated and was 15 meters long and 1 meter deep.

The first thing we did was learning how to breath under water and then we learnt to float, I found floating on top of the water hard for me.  After we moved onto the harder things like gliding, I find gliding was very hard for me too. I learnt how to glide in the water and soon I found gilding was easy. We were allowed free time if we listened to the instructor and finished all our lesson.

When we finished our lesson we got to have free time because we listened carefully during the lesson. Soon after that we got out of the pool and got dressed.

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