Monday, 4 November 2013

prompt practice 3

On one day ‘’mum said to Ashley would you like to go to the zoo today and have a look at the animals.  Ashley said yes mum’’ I would definitely like to go to the zoo today. Then ‘’mum said ok go upstairs and get change into your clothes’’. when everyone was ready mum took some food and she tooked her handbag with her so just  incase that she need her handbag on the way to the zoo. When mum had finish getting her stuff Bella and Ashley helped her mum to take the stuff that she need into the car when we got to the zoo mum got everything out of the car.

soon they went into the zoo they saw lots of amazing things at the zoo.Also while they was walking they tooked lots of picture of animals When it was 12 o'clock mum went back to the car and grab Ashley and Bella lunch out when mum went back in mum gave them their lunch while they was eating their lunch they saw lions out of their cave.

Soon one was driving a car and at the back of the car there was a huge cave and all of the people was at the zoo they was in the cave man when the man

saw them he said to them children and the mum to hurry up and get into in the van or the lions will get you and then they will eat soon it was too late to get in the linon already arrived so the lion went chasing them so the man said run over to that tree so they all did what the man said to them when they got over there the man said hurry!  Jump in or the lion will come soon so they got into the van quickly then the man said to them to loked up the door then linon can not get in. when they got in the van was huge and they was all squash.

When the lion came they did not see anyone so they went away when they went away the man followed the linon when they was all in their cage the man got out of the car and looked up the cage so the lion will not get out of the cage anymore.

soon they all went home and make their dinner after they had have their dinner Bella and Ashley went and watch t.v and soon it was 8 o'clock mum said it is bedtime so the turned off the t.v and got change into their jummies  and went to sleep and they all had a wonderful day and also a scary day when they woke up the next morning they thought about this horrible dream  they did not believe that it was true.

The End.

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