Monday, 18 November 2013

Film Festival

On a wonderful morning when I got to school I went and hung my bag up and I went outside to play with my friends. Soon the bell rang so everyone went to the hall and we were all sat and said our school prayer. Soon Mrs Deeney took room3 down to the bus.  

When we were all seated on the bus the driver started to drive us all to Sylvia Park. On our way to Sylvia Park we saw lot of houses. While we were on the bus me and Petra were playing I dare you.

Soon we got to Sylvia Park and we got off the bus and lined up in two lines. When we were ready Mrs Deeney took us in. Soon we got in a room and it was very dark because the lights were turned off. We saw lot of kids sitting in the chairs and so we had to find a seat to sit on before the movie started.

Soon Alecia and Patrick were first up and they introduced the movie that room3 had made. Before our movie started everyone started clapping.

When the show had finished we all went outside and we saw the next school was waiting outside of the door. We got into the bus and on the way back to school we saw lots of people  in their cars. Soon we got back to school and we had morning tea only for 10 minute before we went back to class and we had our milk then we did our work. It was a hot day on Wednesday afternoon.

My favourite part of the movie was Glen Innes Primary because it was about chocolate. I like that movie because it was funny.

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