Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt 5

On one wonderful morning Holly’s mum said to Holly your hair is getting to long I will take you to the hair cut shop when you have finish eating your breakfast ok Holly. Holly said yes mum
so when Holly had finish eating her breakfast we went and got change into her clothes then Mum said are ready holly ? holly shouted yes mum just wait a second ok.

Soon they all got to the hair cut shop when they got in a man came and said hi how can I help you?’’ mum said may you please cut my daughters hair because it to long’’ then the man said how short will you want it? ‘’mum said you can it when like you just a can tie it up then the man said ok then.

So the man start cutting Hollys hair while he was cutting Hollys hair soon  holly looked down on the floor she looked very sad because her friends at school have long hair now she don’t have long hair so holly looked so sad all the way home.

Soon the man had finish cutting hollys hair he said I just need to get the blower to make her hair dry then it is all done so the man went and got the blower to dry Holly’s hair when he brought it out  mum said what is that he said it is a blower why a so worry about that mum said that does not look like a blower but the man said it is a blower then mum said ok then keep on going when the man turned on the blower it made a loud noise  mum looked very worried about that when he had finish holly went to her mum .

Soon after all it was not so bad hollys hair was nice and short and clean also Hollys hair was smooth.

When holly got home she was so happy because her mum brought her something on the way home so Holly was not so sad after all.

The End

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