Tuesday, 5 November 2013

prompt practice 4

One on morning when molly and sophie woke up mum said it is a nice to day would like to go to the zoo.? Molly said yes I would love to go to the zoo today But mum can my friend come to? ok then. Soon molly went up stairs and called sophie up and told her that they a going to the zoo today so wake up and brush your then get dressed also wear your prettiest clothes ok. When everyone was ready then all got into the car.

While mum was driving molly told mum where is her friend house then mollys mum could pick them up mollys friends names was Bella,katie,Gracie and Daisy they were all of molly’s friend when mum got to their house they jumped in to the car.

Soon mum said molly would you like to go to the back of the car and you can play with your friend while I am driving you guys to the zoo?’’

Later the car run out of petrol and mum said oh no we can not get to the zoo in time what a we going to do?

Soon mum drive though a town she saw  a petrol station so mum drive in the phenol stanton and  puted some petiole in her car so that it can work.

When they got to the zoo mum took them out of the car and mum took her camera with her they saw lots of monkeys in the zoo and while they were looking at the monkeys mum took photos of them they were so cute.

Molly's favorite part was when they saw a monkey looked so cute.

The End

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