Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

On one beautiful morning when Bella woke up mum said “let’s go to the beach today”. Bella was so happy that her mum would let her go to the beach with her friend on a sunny day. There was so many people at the beach and the water was very cold. Bella couldn't imagine there was so many people at the beach, the place was a very messy and so many people. Soon Bella and her 3 best friends Camilla, Emily and Katie arrived at the beach and they can not find a place to park their car. Katie went to the ice cream shop and bought some ice cream and when she came out of the ice cream shop she couldn’t find Emily’s car.

Katie went every where to look for Emily but she still couldn’t find Emily so she gave up looking for them. Soon Emily found Katie outside the ice cream shop, she was sitting on a red chair and she looked so sad. Emily went and cheered Katie up and soon Katie was not so sad anymore.

So they found a car pack and they got to the beach. They put on sun cream and then they lay down in the sun. It was a wonderful sunny day at the beach and when it was 3 o'clock they all went home and had a shower before dinner.

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  1. Good to see all the structure of a narrative are here Joanna, well done. Just remember for next time that if you write a name they need to have capital letters at the beginning of them because they are a noun (naming word).